What does informality mean for the 70% of 
the world’s population who are trapped in its
ecosystem? How does informality affect the other
30%? How can we change things
to unlock prosperity for all? 

                       There is no more impactful way to bring home the message than to show it. A key component of the                           70% Informals campaign is our feature-length documentary, which follows Elena through the Global                             South, Europe, and the United States. She interacts with and interviews people who live informally and                         others who have managed to become middle class. The documentary is a hard-hitting visual                                         revelation of what it means to live in informality and how transformation is possible. Filmed by an                                 award-winning team of cinematographers, 70% Informals is currently in production. You can follow                             our progress on Instagram. And please consider joining the campaign as we create a wave of                                       consciousness of informality across the globe and the ways in which it can affect us all.