"Thought 4 Action identifies and removes economic and regulatory barriers that obstruct prosperity for all people across the globe"

What is Thought 4 Action?

Thought for Action is an Action Tank established as a non-profit organization, and launched in 2013 by economist and policy innovator, Elena Panaritis.

With operations in the U.S. and the European Union, its goal is to provide a platform to address these issues and engage stakeholders from every level of society. By doing so, Thought for Action takes a bottom-up approach to identify broken regulatory systems that prevent economic growth and then promotes reform that enables all members of society to prosper. Thought for Action is a non-partisan, network that gathers international policy and academic experts, with unique experiences in stabilizing countries under economic (structural) crisis.

Drawing from specialized international, professional and on-the-ground experience with similar crises of the past, Thought for Action invests its efforts in opening dialogues, disseminating lessons learned, and creating necessary action policies and reforms that will address the needs of the poor and most marginalized members of society to promote growth in targeted countries (that have been hit by an economic crisis or are in the process of reforming).

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Live Events / e-platform

Through online venues, conferences, seminars and publications, Thought for Action promotes the interactive sharing of knowledge and practical experience of both, successful and non-successful reform cases. 

Diagnostic Assessments

Thought for Action offers a proven, diagnostic tool—Reality Check Analysis (RCA)—that enables a robust assessment of the institutional malaise that currently prevents full economic participation of all citizens, especially the poor and most economically marginalized.

Leadership incubating courses

Thought for Action has established working alliances with Stanford – Centre for Development and the Rule of Law; the World Bank; Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies-SAIS, INSEAD School of Finance, and continues to build a network of partners.


We invite influencers that have successfully lead change to share and engage with our audience on how to achieve and promote excellence and transformation. The goal is to create meaningful and lasting change.

Greek Chapter Inaugural letter

The initiative of the establishment of “Thought 4 Action” derives from the sense of responsibility towards myself, our history, but also towards the very existence of Greece.

This responsibility therefore impels me to share with fellow citizens the experience and international knowledge that I’ve gained revolving the stabilization of countries that have experienced similar structural crises.

Greece suffers from a deep decay that has resulted in lies and turpitude. It is not only the economy that ails, but the political and social institutions too. The distorted institutional infrastructure, complex and complicated often bearing many “patches”, has turned the country into an unmanageable and inefficient state without a compass. The ineffective, sketchy institutions have alienated, confused and trapped society. They have abolished every sense of trust, compassion, and justice. They have brooded distorted and false relationships. Hasty and sloppy communications, have made the ten-minute time frame to be considered the norm in interpersonal relationships, in discussions, and even those discussions about important institutional issues. The most disconcerting thing of all, is that in such way we eventually become.. accustomed to live.

The depletion of trust across all human levels is maintained and promulgated. As a result, shallow and selfish relationships are being constructed between people, politicians and the state, while a ‘fierce’ cynicism of gigantic proportions is rising in Greek people’s everyday life.We have learned to live in confusion whilst becoming alienated in the complexity of our thinking, ending up in dead ends.

It’s time to think of the solution as the straight and simple way. The experience I have gained over the years, helping countries recover from similar crises while aiming for development, combating poverty and social marginalization; working with ordinary people; gives me the responsibility not to stay apathetic and uninvolved. I decided to do this without middlemen, but with you directly. With every Greek citizen. I’m inviting you to take part in the dialogue of our lives.

Elena Panaritis Founder

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This book is about property, informality and institutions relevant to both the developed and the developing world. The author introduces a new analytical tool, Reality Check Analysis, based on theory and practice, and offers a solution to the long-standing problem of informality and to the systematic frustration with the issue.

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