It has been an honour to welcome the legendary Deirdre McCloskey in #Athens, #Greece on the 2nd of September. Invited by T4Action and Elena Panariti (our founder), economist, social entrepreneur and policy innovator. We were excited to be able to welcome an Intellectual and Influencer in a country that is getting out of the deepest economic crisis of post WWII.

Deirdre gave a MasterClass on “How to Disrupt Economic Policy to Defeat Populism and get to Growth. She addressed a selected group of opinion shapers that touch the areas of history, economics, the arts, and politics.
Deirdre is an Economist, Historian, Philosopher, and Rhetorician as she calls her self «student of the art of persuasion». She is legendary for leading economic thinking using history and argues that change in culture and thinking is based on the level of freedom of action and thought. She is a professor of Economic Theory and has thought at universities around the world (starting with the University of Chicago, in the US, and following with universities in the UK, Holland, Sweeden, China, among others). She holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard, and 11 Honorary PhDs

Deirdre McCloskey on Insider magazine

“Greeks should be inspired by the 5th century Athens”


At the same time, she estimates that populism worldwide will recede within the next decade, while Donald Trump will not only lose power, but will also be in prison. Although not specific to issues concerning Greece, she stresses that “based on my observations, the countries that are doing well are those that adopt liberal economic policies to some degree.”

She also believes that in spite of what is being said, people’s living standards have improved drastically and will continue to improve if liberal policies are adopted. “In 1800 there were much greater inequalities in Greece than there are today. There were rich traders, landowners, and then there were the villagers. And the gap between them was huge. “ In contrast, modern economies continue to thrive. Even the most mature economies are improving, because things are getting better. For example, medicine has been leaping in recent years. Similarly technology. “

You can the entire interview here (Greek only)

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