Event: Myths and Realities : Innovators could resolve the Crisis

Thessaloniki Apr 28, 2014

Admittedly the most successful T4A meeting to date with a global outreach, the agenda explored ‘The Role of Innovation in Economic Growth’ and how innovation plays a key role in economic growth and in turn how we Greece can tap into this potential for sustainable growth as opposed to sustainable stagnation.


Yiannis Boutaris                               Mayor of Thessaloniki

Andreas Grammatis                         Co-Founder of Douleftaras.gr,  London, UK   (Platforms for Greece)

John Katsiotis                                    Co-Founder & CEO of ParkAround, London, UK (Platforms for Greece)

Michael Sarris                                    Former Minister of Economy and Finance,Cyprus

Emmanuel Tsesmelis                      Senior Physicist, Director at CERN, Switzerland

Tasos Tzikas                                       President @ CEO of Technopolis, Thessaloniki

Comments:  Elena Panaritis, Economist & Social Entrepreneur

Moderator:  Spyros Haritatos, Broadcast Journalist